Monday, May 25, 2009

ooops..! technology

Technology is knocking and knocking even before we wellcome it its within us...rural areas are now at per with the urban, nothing goes on in urban settings that is news to our rural folks.Nguruman despite its remoteness has benefited a lot from this technology that is sinking very fast amongst us... Gone are the days nguruman residents used to travel for milesand miles to publish thousand of fliers trying to tell people to whats going on here, with the help of the Community knowledge Center villagers are now conversant with web 2 tools and can now communicate with pals via skype, e-mail,bloggs and other social networking tools like facebook, twitter, tahidi base tell the whole world what is happening here as one Leonard Ndungu puts it the Community Knowledge Center has helped him market Nguruman to the outside world in terms of tourism. I as the Community Information Volunteer here in Nguruman i will ensure that the village be among the other global villages...
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