Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hi guys i am just from Kitui North and South to do film on the devastating climate change that has not only rocked our World but also our own Ukambani region. I am well versed with the current situation the community are going through, Kitui residents wake up every morning only to walk for more than 10 km in search of 'salty' water women and children are the greater majority in this water searching activity
Owning a donkey in Kitui is equivalent to driving a posh car because its an asset that one has to have and the more you have the richer you are and the easier your living conditions are.

We at Arid Land Information Network (ALIN)are joining hands to stop this massive destruction of our environment before its too late.Lets join together this Friday, 16th October,2009 in Kyuso District to sensitize the public on wise use of our environment before its too late. Lets join hands and stop this climate change yes we can.....

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