Friday, November 13, 2009

What is a Dinosaur?

Dinosaur lived during a time when there was existence of very many types of reptiles, this era was called Age of reptiles and the world had thousand of dinosaur species. It is said that some of the reptiles had wings some lived on land and others lived in the waters.
Many people thought that all this creatures were dinosaurs but that’s not correct. Dinosaurs were a special kind of reptile, different from all others.

What made the dinosaurs different were the way their hips formed and the way they stood and walked. A reptile such as a lizard or turtle stands with its legs sprawled out to the sides and its body touching the ground, to move, it creeps along with its underside usually dragging on the ground. But a dinosaur stood and walked with its legs straight under its body and its body held off the ground.

The first kind of dinosaurs probably all walked upright on their two back legs most of the time, later many kinds of dinosaurs had become so huge and heavy that they could not walk on two legs but needed four to support their weight. Even so, they still walked on all fours legs straight, holding their bodies well up off the ground, jus as an elephant does.

Dinosaurs were also land animals there were no sea-dwelling dinosaurs and no dinosaurs with wings. So if any one asks you what a dinosaur was tell him/her that dinosaurs were all land dwelling reptiles that walked with their legs straight and their bodies up off the ground. They were unlike most other kinds of reptiles that lived then and now. They were special and there is no reptile the least bit like them in the world today!

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