Sunday, April 26, 2009

Maasai Ceremony

Today is sun-day am only ten days old in Nguruman sub location in Magadi Division. I was honored to be invited to a maasai circumcision and wedding ceremony by my good friend. The ceremony was held at the slopes of the famous Loita escarpments, a very beautiful scenery.

Dance and jubilation could be heard from a distance. Young and energetic morans danced to the tune of maasai songs. The young morans wore thousand of beautiful beads and necklace round their neck.Their whole body was full of red ochre.

The well pleated hair, shiny spears, plastic sandals and mini shukas that they wore made the young maasai virgin girls docile.

The climax was the goat eating activity which took place inside a thicket i was served with a plate of roasted goat and rice. The morans are usually given their own goats to slaughter for themselves what a previllage! I also learnt that morans food is not supposed to be seen by a woman thats why we had to hide in the bush.

There is no maasai ceremony that ends well without (suguroi)
a local brew made of honey. Men and women danced vigorously as they sip the traditional brew. I dint want to stay until the end because i was told that once the men and women get drunk, no oral communication takes place, the same rungus, spears and sticks they hold take control.

Have a blessed day....

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