Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My experience in Nguruman

Nguruman is a unique village located approximately 200 km from Nairobi, Kenya's capital city.

Nguruman holds a total population of around 2000 people and this makes it a village where everyone is a son or daughter to every father and mother despite race,tribe or age.

The village has no source of power and its only a few rich individuals who own solar panels thus information dissemination becomes a problem.

Residents have nothing to complain as they enjoy the naturalness and their life's simplicity. Nguruman is sorrounded by very beautiful escarpments which harbor cool and fresh water. Tourists visit this area oftenly to experience the beauty of nature at its fullest.

Transport to this village is interesting and adventurous. Residents use lorries and caravans ment to transport fresh vegetables for export. People are locked inside a lorry together with cartons of vegetables and its upon you to calculate the distance the car has moved so as to know where to alight.

I happen to work here for a period of one year and as i write this experience i am only five days old in Nguruman. I do promise to feed you with more information as i grow old in this unique village.

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  1. he he my dear naona unakaa muchaththa kabisa but ni poa... take care....

  2. Hi Steve,
    This is very encouraging,all the best and make sure you get a maasai lady.....

  3. That great Steve, pump the village with knowledge and let them feel the pumpers powers.
    i will send you more about Ndhiwa CKC. This was the hardest challenge especially with our host trying to seat on our heads but we are putting him to where he belongs. In this place death is real and bodies are brought in now and again on bicycles-seating. Yes we Can brother, take good care of yourself, AIDS is real. i love you.