Sunday, April 19, 2009


I support the fact;Information is power. I happen to be in a particular place around 200km from our Kenya''s capital, Nairobi and life here is extremely different. The road to this area is impassable and this makes nguruman area isolated. The area has no electricity and the only source of power is solar which is owned by by few rich individuals.

Getting information and current news is the hardest task in this region.The area has three television sets which people pay a fee of Ksh 5/- to watch daily news.Newspapers reach this area after three days and people appreciate reading out of date newspapers thus a laxity in information reception.

Despite all this ALIN, WORLD CORPS and African Conservation Center ngo's have teamed up and opened a resource center where the community can get free access to internet, library and share information. People are in great need of information and if we join hands together we can transform this region.

I strongly appreciate this community and i will do my best to improve this situation. Please support me in this initiative.

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  1. good work thanks 4 good work u doing at ngurumani on ict may God bless u for updating our community am ready to support u gbye